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Mr. Malley is a frequent speaker and contributor on international business and tax issues.

New Expatriation Tax Rules, Green Card Holders Beware The Exit Tax, Punitive Estate And Gift Taxes, (2009) World Trade Executive, Inc. and (2009)
Addendum toReporting Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts: The New Rules and Proposed New Regulations (2010)  The Obama Green Book; (2009)
Foreign Buyers of United States Residential Real Estate: Issues to Determine How To Hold Title – (2006)
International Estate and Asset Protection Planning
June 2017
Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate: Issues and Structures
May 2017

Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate

April 2017

International Estate Planning – Privacy is Alive and Well

June 2016

Captive Insurance – New Legislation

May 2016

Asset Protection: Avoiding Fraudulent Conveyance

September 2015


Tax Planning for International Business: A Brief Overview

April 2015

Immigrating to the US: Tax Planning: For International Business, A Brief Overview

April 2015

Expatriation: Record Numbers of Citizens and Green Card Holders Expatriate to Avoid the Burdensoe U.S. Tax System

March 2015

Foreign Buyers of US Real Estate: Issues to Determine How to Hold Title Residency Rules

February 2015

Exporting? Use an IC-DISC for Tax Savings

January 2015

Estate and Asset Protection Planning for International Assets

September 2014 

Tax Credit For Foreign Taxes: Easy Concept, Complicated Rules

January 2014

The IRS: Report Report Report, Then Report Again

November 2013


International Business – Issues Relevant to U.S. Companies

October 2013

Expanding Your Business Overseas – Decisions, Decisions

August 2013


Foreign Buyers of U.S. Residential Real Estate – Part 2

July 2013


Foreign Buyers of U.S. Residential Real Estate: Title Issues and Considerations – Part 1

June 2013


Private Placement Life Insurance: What It Is and Is Not, an Overview

May 2013

Asset Protection And The Unknown Future Creditor: Now A Problem?

March 2013


Become a U.S. and California Taxpayer: It’s Easy

January 2013


Doing Business Overseas: A Brief Discussion Of Issues Relevant To U.S. Companies

September 2012


Foreign Buyers of U.S. Residential Real Estate

August 2012


Foreign Assets: New Reporting Requirements – Form 8938

June 2012 

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